Phase I - Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

ALJEN Consulting LLC prepares comprehensive Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Standard for Environmental Site Assessments: The Phase I (ESA) reports are relied upon for; real estate transactions, property development, zoning, bank financing, re-financing, and foreclosures, and other in-house proactive audit programs.

The purpose of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to gather sufficient information to develop an independent professional opinion about the environmental condition of the property and to identify actual or potential environmental contamination which may impact the property value or effect claim to an "innocent land owner" exemption following acquisition

Strict Client Confidentiality Service Components of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) report include:

  • An Executive Summary, Clear Scope of Work, and Provision of Supporting Documentation and Sources Checked are included in Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Identification of Current and Past Use in accordance with ASTM Standard Historical Sources.
  • Review of Standard Environmental Record Sources from Local, State and Federal Agencies within ASTM Approximate Minimum Search Distances.
  • On-site Reconnaissance
  • Visual Inspection for the Purpose of Identifying Suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).
  • Personal Interviews with Appropriate Government and Private Sector Sources of Information.
  • ASTM Recommended Report Format is used for Phase I ESA.
  • All Phase I ESA include Incorporation of Private Lender Requirements for Issuance or Reliance Language for the Purposes of Making Loan Decisions upon Specific Request.

Upon completion of a Phase I ESA and if conditions warrant additional investigation, a written Phase II Environmental Site Assessment proposal describing means for identifying and characterizing environmental contamination revealed during the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will be prepared upon request.

ALJEN Consulting, LLC’s Qualifications:

One of the requirements of an ASTM 1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) compliant Phase I ESA report is that a qualified Environmental Professionals (EP) prepare the Phase I ESA report and certify the findings and conclusions, therein. The EP must be knowledgeable, qualified and sufficiently experienced to conduct this type of investigation; certification,education and/or relevant experience are required. Our team member assigned to complete your Phase I ESA report meets or exceeds all the educational and experience requirements to perform the ASTM 1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry Phase I ESA.

If you would like a quote for a Phase I ESA please forward your request to: arpad@aljenconsulting.com or call Arpad Kolozsvary at 315-663-1904.

Environmental Risk Assessment

What is an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) Report?

Environmental Risk Assessment report offered by ALJEN Consulting, LLC is an alternative to an ASTM E1527-05 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) that may cost in excess of $2,500.
ALJEN Consulting, LLC offers the lender or purchaser a lower cost option for small balance commercial mortgages (150 M to 500 M). Some lenders have stated that "it is adaptable for use under the 2008 SBA requirements". "The report's content meets the intent, recommendations and general guideline requirements of the FDIC initial environmental risk assessment for environmental due diligence".

Environmental Risk Assessment Report (ERA) Scope of Work Details 

ALJEN Consulting, LLC will prepare an Environmental Risk Assessment Report for a subject site to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions ("RECs"), as defined in our scope of work proposal that includes the following four elements:​

  • Completion of an Owner/Operator Questionnaire by the current owner
  • Record research at the federal and state level consisting of the review of selected environmental databases equivalent to ASTM E1528-06 standards
  • Research and report the results of Sanborn Historic Fire Insurance Maps, when available for the area;
  • Additional historic research that includes interviews with local buildings/fire department or other local agency that can provide relevant historical information to access the subject property historical uses.
  • Provide a written opinion and recommendations if an REC is identified during the Environmental Risk Assessment review process.

This report selection may also be of value in the event the bank is preparing to foreclose on a property and may not want to take title to the property if there are identifiable recognized environmental concerns such as; chemical spills, illegal hazardous waste disposal or methamphetamine lab activity associated with the past use of the subject site.

Product Pricing for the Environmental Risk Assessment Report (ERA)

Our prices for an Environmental Risk Analysis Report start at $800 based on the above scope of work details.

Each project is unique and therefore is priced according to the client's scope of work requirements based on the project's geographic location, complexity, expanded scope of work items and report turnaround time.

Note: The Environmental Risk Assessment Report is NOT designed to provide an innocent purchaser defense to a new property owner based on the current ASTM 1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry Standard.​

If REC’s are identified that may require remediation and therefore does not meet the risk tolerance of the lender, the lender has the option with ALJEN Consulting to transition to a ASTM 1527-05 All Appropriate Inquiry Phase I Environmental Site Assessment which will provide an innocent purchaser defense to the owner and lender.​

For additional information on this unique service please forward all inquiries to:akolozsv@twcny.rr.com.